COVID-19 PCR Testing at your Workplace

Responding to client requests, PHC now has programs to help employers prevent or minimize lost time due to COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Testing and Medical Monitoring Programs will help employers minimize the risk and transmission of COVID-19 in their workspace, as well as, helping employers navigate through the challenges presented with employees having had contact exposure or a positive COVID-19 test result.

On-Site COVID-19 PCR Testing (Swab Test):

Physicians Health Center will have trained medical personnel go to your workplace and perform COVID-19 testing for your workforce. We work with labs that are able to provide a quick turnaround time of 24-72 hours. All COVID-19 PCR Testing is an FDA and EUA approved test with high sensitivity and specificity.

Prior to testing, all employees must be cleared by our Physician as low-risk/low-exposure -- employees with no symptoms and those who have not had close, prolonged contact with known or suspected COVID-19 positive individuals.

A screening questionnaire must be submitted within 48 hours of the onsite service. Click the below link to download the Health Screening Form or it can be found in our Forms & Downloads section.

COVID-19 Health Screening Form

We offer a flat fee schedule based on the number of employees being tested. Please click the below link for the COVID-19 Testing Packages Fee Schedule or it can be found in our Forms & Downloads section.

COVID-19 Testing Packages Fee Schedule

*COVID-19 PCR Testing can also be performed at our 5 medical centers. Testing is by appointment only for 'low-risk/low-exposure' employees. Physicians Health Center COVID-19 testing is limited to employers.

COVID-19 Medical Monitoring Program:

For employees with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test or suspected close exposure, Physicians Health Center medical providers will offer guidance and follow-up to help facilitate a safe return to work through telehealth visits with the employee and communication with the employer.

The PHC medical provider will clear the individual for returning to work only when it is safe to do so based on newest CDC guidelines. Click Here to Learn More.

We recommend tracking the symptoms of your employees after a positive COVID-19 test or exposure. The below form should be used as part of the COVID-19 Medical Monitoring Program. The document can also be found on our Forms & Downloads section.

COVID-19 14 Day Symptom Tracker Document

To schedule any of these services or questions about the services we offer, please contact Maxine Topper by email at or by phone at 305-439-4165.