Safety Tips for Roofers Under Various Conditions

Roofing jobs are physically demanding, and roofers must be mentally prepared to work under a variety of weather conditions On roofs with various

Worker’s Compensation Outcomes: Communication Makes the Difference

What makes the difference between a workers’ compensation injury moving in the right direction, and one ending up in litigation?

The Evolution of Telehealth in Workers' Compensation

The pandemic has brought telehealth into the mainstream, and has now become accepted in Workplace injury care.

Injuries in the Workplace: Animal-Related Services

PHCs’ medical team are accustomed to treating injuries from veterinarians, kennels, groomers and other animal related services.

COVID-19 Q&A Webinar – 8/19/2020

PHC Provided the opportunity for clients to get answers to their Pressing COVID-19 questions.

COVID-19 PCR Testing at your Workplace

Responding to client requests, PHC now has programs to help employers prevent or minimize lost time due to COVID-19.

CDC COVID-19 Update on Employees Returning To the Workforce

The CDC has provided an Update On Employees Returning To The Workforce after a positive COVID-19 Test.

COVID-19 Diagnostic and Antibody Tests Explained

COVID-19 is uncharted territory. The 2009 H1N1 Pandemic, often referred to as swine flu, served as an ominous precursor to 2020’s Coronavirus,

Emerging Trends Webinar Series – Workers’ Comp… 20/20 Vision

Physicians Health Center held their most recent Emerging Trends Seminar on June 19th and it was a great success! 

PHC COVID-19 Programs

PHC is offering several programs to Assist your company with returning to work during cOVID-19