Safety Tips for Roofers Under Various Conditions

Roofing jobs are physically demanding, and roofers must be prepared to work under Different weather conditions On roofs sustaining various damage. While not always working on damaged roofs, roofers still face several dangers while working.

Roofing jobs are physically demanding, requiring roofers to be mentally prepared to work under a variety of weather conditions on roofs with various amounts of damage. While not always working on damaged roofs, roofers still face several dangers while working. To be discussed further shortly, falling is the main cause of injuries to roofers, followed by electrocution. 

When roofs are damaged, roofers must be aware of the severity of the damage and location of the damage. Roofers can sustain injuries on the job frequently without proper planning. Injuries in the workplace— any workplace— are not always avoidable, however, they can be minimized if employees are aware of potential hazards and plan.

“In 2011, the private construction industry experienced 721 fatal work injuries. Two hundred and fifty four of the 721 deaths were caused by falls”( Falling is, as expected, a huge risk to roofers. Falling off ladders or slipping from the roof itself are common causes of falls. Accidents can occur even under “perfect” circumstances, but with proper training and safety equipment, these injuries can be sometimes prevented or mitigate injury. 

Before beginning work, roofers should know what kind of conditions the roof they are working on is in. Roofs can be slippery regardless, but with the addition of mold, an excess of leaves, water, or other hazards, slipping could become a larger possibility. Proper shoes and other safety equipment, combined with the proper clothing, can help lessen risk. 

Roof collapses can occur if a roof is not soundly structured. Roofs that are leaking, old, stained from water damage, sagging, rusted, contain dark spots, holes, mold, moss, or damaged shingles, or show any other signs of potential damage can be more dangerous to work on. 

South Florida outdoor jobs are additionally prone to weather-related injury due to the heat and storms. Even after taking precautions and following safety guidelines, some individuals working in the roofing industry will suffer an injury and it is important that those individuals receive the medical treatment they need.

Physicians Health Center is a medical group specializing in Occupational Medicine and in the treatment of workplace injuries, including the construction industry. Our program is designed to allow the injured employee to recover fully and return to the job as quickly and safely as possible. Our Physicians and Physical Therapists are experienced in the treatment of on-the-job injuries and what is needed to allow people to return to their jobs safely.  


General safety guidelines for roofing professionals:

  • Do not work during rain, snow, or other wet conditions or in extremely windy conditions.
  • Remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough water, especially on hot days.
  • Secure all ladders or supports and make sure that your ladder is not near any electrical wires.
  • Use a safety rope or harness.
  • Always cut away from you.
  • If working on a severely pitched roof, use netting and/or guard rails.  For other jobs, use a safety rope or harness system.
  • Do not carry awkward or overly heavy loads up a ladder and when carrying bundles up the ladder, use your legs, not your back. 
  • Wear the appropriate clothing and footwear that allows for a firm grip to the roofing surface.
  • Clean up as you go, keep your work area organized, and use a magnetic nail sweeper. 
  • Inspect the roof carefully for any hazards or dangerous areas.